About Us

cmyk swatchesSituated in the central and ideal location of the quaint Post Office Centre in Illovo Johannesburg, Imageworld-Illovo print house cannot be missed. Over the past 19 years, owner Franky breathed new life into this business. Imageworld-Illovo is truly “Franky’s World” both possessing similar character traits that are unmistakable: down-to-earth, practical, a true believer in personalised business experience and all with a touch of unmistakable class.

Has business become far too impersonal? Professionalism and service in the print industry is crucial but Imageworld – Illovo enhances this professionalism and service through personal interaction with all who walk through their doors. The entire team’s hands-on approach and “stickability” is what differentiates Imageworld – Illovo from any other print house. No matter the circumstances, they “carry on,” executing the work in excellence and with efficiency.

The driving motto of Imageworld – Illovo is that their business is one where “quality and service counts.” This is evident in the atmosphere which buzzes with activity, different faces, the hum of the machines and customers and customers who have become friends and pop in regularly – to collect their print orders and get some of the magic exuded by the team who comprise Imageworld – Illovo.

Other than the proficient services which you can acces17s under their services tab, you are also able to purchase basic stationery, etc which is available for your convenience

So we ask you the following:

  1. Do you want a professional print-house that is more concerned about its clients and their business?
  2. Do you want to work with print professionals who do not consider any job too large or too small to be important?
  3. Do you want to build a relationship with a regular print house that will get to know you and your business intimately and produce excellent work time and time again?

If you have a print related need, look no further than Imageworld – Illovo for the very solution you have been looking for.

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